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    Improve mental training

    Bilingualism not only improves attention, but also serves as mental training and helps to exercise the memory of the little ones. During the first years of life is when more neuronal connections are generated, this period is perfect to feed it with information and linguistic stimuli.

    Greater communication capacity

    One of these benefits is a greater capacity for communication. This is related to the child being able to talk, listen, understand and relate to more people. In addition, they will be able to bring their voices, demands and experiences to different parts of the world.

    Greater cultural heritage

    The handling of English allows the child to know other cultures and other global realities. English knowledge does not change your life, but the knowledge to which you will have access through language proficiency.
    Improves academic development

    More than 80% of the research in all areas (scientific, economic, medical, cultural, etc.) is published globally in English, and if the students do not manage the language at sufficient levels to understand these publications, their academic development It will be affected.

    It is an investment

    Learning English will allow you to access better study and work opportunities around the world. It is known that currently, 1 out of every 2 jobs with salaries higher than 50 thousand pesos monthly requires English proficiency and 7 out of 10 companies in expansion need collaborators who can communicate in English.

    The common denominator among the best primary schools in Mexico is the bilingual curricular design since they assume that learning with and in English is part of the right to learn and be competitive. Stay connected with custom assignment company for getting more useful educational help and tips.

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