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    There are different memorization techniques that we can use to prepare any subject, but we must not forget that memorizing is not learning or understanding, so if in the future we want to have good knowledge about our studies, we must be clear that we will also need to read comprehensively. And use other study techniques that help us to have a good understanding of the subject.

    When you are reading in your notes what you have to learn to your heart, remember to associate each key concept with another related thing that you already know. In this way, it will be much easier for you to later retrieve the information when you need it and the understanding of the concepts will be greater, because not parts of a new knowledge, but, by associating it with another you already had, it is as if you were building a house from the foundations.

    When we have before us one of those subjects that include lengthy texts in which different historical events occur, give a twist to the issue creating a short and personal story that connects the essential points that we cannot forget will allow us to retain everything better and not leave us nothing in the ink when we do the exam.

    Remember that all memorization techniques are very useful tools, but they should be accompanied by other study techniques such as underlining , summaries , diagrams , cards , tests , etc. so that they really serve us to obtain our e-Title. There are many online resources as well from where you can learn more about it, alternatively there are a number of credible online custom assignments UK based experts who provide excellent tips in this regard.

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