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    Katie Wren

    Exam season is one of the most hectic and stressful period of a student’s life as in between it is important for them to maintain their composure and deal with the stress to avoid mess within their exams period. In order to help the students, the team of assignment writer has to outline potential advice for the students to follow and deal with the pre-exams stress and anxiety.

    Relax but not too much

    It is usual for students to go to clubs and gatherings to relax and deal with stress, to some extent it are fine. However, it would be beneficial for the students to avoid drinking or waking up late on a regular basis during the exams season as it can lose the focus on a student that would directly affect their studies.

    Early to Bed

    Early to bed and early to rise is one of the best quote and advice to students dealing with pre-exam anxiety. It is important for them to have a proper sleep before taking up topics to study. Many students prefer to study late and it is okay, however, in order to compensate the night sleep, sleeping late hours could affect the mental focus on the students. A maximum of 8 hours sleeping is fine for an individual to maintain the normal working of the brain.

    Be Confident but no too much

    Being confident is a good personality trait for a student as well as individual; however, being over confident while selecting topics to study or selecting data for composing a paper would be a disaster for a student. Therefore, it is advised to the student to prepare for a diverse study line and look for different sources while composing a paper to maintain the flow of paper in the correct direction.

    Leaving Space to fill with information

    While composing a research paper, it would be appropriate for the student to leave some space after the paragraphs in which they can add more data later. It would help the student to leave the blank space with relevant and latest data that would support the overall argument of the research related to the topic.

    Include a Bibliography

    It is clear that students grasp the concept from the paper and studies of other writers and scholar to support their argument related to the theme. However, include every single source used to gather the data in the form of bibliography in the research paper would help the student to increase the worth of their paper. On the other hand, it will also help the student to look over the validity, reliability, and ethical concern over the data used to compose the paper.



    These points are important to follow and the essential thing is to be free from Stress, anxiety and depression.

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