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    Technology is being used in each and every segment of life from space science to agriculture and from war to education the miracles of science are everywhere. We as a students are mostly utilizing the educational means of technology so I will discuss that. There were times when we need to know a topic we go through several books at a time then in late 90’s the world gets blessing by the name of Google that made our lives simple. Likewise the conventional methods of teachings improvises with the time and now we see online available resources that covers all the topic of the world let it be anything you name it.
    Now the entire universities are online and a good example for that is Paramount California University that is providing all the perks of traditional physically existing university. Paramount California University delivers it lectures online where students can login and access as per their convenience. Students can individually ask their queries with the teacher which help the teacher to provide special attention to every student of the class.
    An Online University Such as Paramount California University is also cost effective as all the resources and books are available online and you do not need to buy any additional material. It is also time effective as all the lectures are recorded and you can attend your class any time you want.

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