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    You don’t even have to say whatever, all you have to do is ask if they have any vacancies the more you say the more likely you are to trip yourself up & chances are you’ll only wind up speaking to an admin being who won’t give a hoot about what you have to say. That specific chat, you’re planning to have is the chat parents have with teachers & head teachers face to face.

    An even humbler way, if the school is state kept is to call the School fees section & ask if there’s a post in the school in your year group. The request for a school place may have to go through the school fees any way they’ll expect you to provide utility bills as proof of address, birth charts, etc.

    You have though picked out the most important point here if you are a Year 10 going into Year 11, even if they have vacancies, college dissertation writing help in the school will be highly improbable to take you. They don’t like taking on new students in Year 11 unless they absolutely have to.

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