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    In preparing the nation’s children to be able to compete internationally and be able to advance Indonesia, it must involve various parties. Of course this certainly starts from childhood, then what about teenagers? Precisely adolescents are the most important and most contributing to the process of advancing Indonesia. Parties who must be involved in the process of maturing adolescents are lecturers. Why is the role of the lecturer? Lecturers are lecturers in universities, adolescents who have become students have passed a critical period after high school. Why so? In 2014 alone, only about 30 percent of all senior secondary students in Indonesia were able to continue their education to higher education. Many reasons underlie this, such as cost constraints, lack of desire to go to college or indeed the desire to work immediately.

    So, students who come from a small part of this high school student can be used to be useful for Indonesia later in international competition. Lecturers are one of the important components in the world of lectures and in the maturation of students for the advancement of Indonesia. If we want to advance a nation from its teenagers, certainly a teacher or instructor who is truly capable of this is needed. In this case the lecturer is needed where the lecturer is not only an icon that is usually called a killer or does not have concern for his students. Lecturers may have many assignments in several fields but in academic activities the lecturer must also pay attention to the following matters.

    The Role of the Lecturer Does Not Become a Student Limiter

    Lecturers should instead be able to release the potential that exists in students, rather than being a barrier. Limiting the intention is that students do not feel afraid in expressing their opinions to the lecturer. Things like this will actually make students unwilling to go forward because there is no place in conveying possible things about innovations and making thoughts about these innovations left behind. In advancing Indonesia it is certainly necessary for adolescents who are brave and able to express their opinions or thoughts to the world. Not only keep it and ultimately not realized even though it might be a thought that is very useful later.

    Lecturers Responsible for Students

    Of course, lecturers must feel responsible for their students. If the lecturer does not feel responsible, the lecturer may teach as he is without caring whether the student he teaches captures or not the material he is giving. So that the lecturer must be responsible for how to teach students and the students themselves. Giving assignments is also an effort to understand students because indeed with these tasks students can review the material they have learned. But students also have to be responsible for the lecturers, so lecturers don’t just try to understand their students. But students also appreciate lecturers and complete each assignment given by the lecturer.

    The lecturer is the one who determines

    Maybe not all students know about the potential or talent they have. From this, lecturers are expected to be able to know the potential of their students. With the help of the lecturer, students are able to be directed towards their potential or talent which will later be useful for Indonesia’s progress. Lecturers will be very important in encouraging their students to continue to develop their potential to advance Indonesia in global competition. Students who are able to see the situation and innovate from the existing situation will be very useful for the progress of the nation. And it is expected that students and young people can see the problems that exist in their nation and then provide a solution to a problem that occurs.

    Lecturers who are also able to guide morally

    The role of the supervisor is not only able to guide students in an exact manner. But it is very necessary for students who are indeed morally good, so that they are not only advancing technologically or economically, but their youth also have good morals. In social terms there will also be young people who care about the social life around them. now the Indonesian nation is being morally attacked by foreign nations. It would be very serious if Indonesian youths did not have the proper morals.

    Indonesian nation will be very easy to enter and be influenced by foreign nations that are not in accordance with the Indonesian nation itself. Therefore the teachers must be able to shape the character and morals of the prospective youth and especially the lecturers who have a harder task because many young men who have been influenced by foreign nations. Improving the morale of these young men will be more difficult than forming morals themselves. It is expected that the lecturers will care about the morale of their students and be able to improve morals that are not appropriate.

    Lecturers who determine learning outcomes

    Lecturers play an important role in the learning process and determine the output of their students. Output here is not only in value but more important is output in terms of professionalism. Because it is highly expected that graduates from students get better skills than those who are unlucky in continuing their education. Lecturers must have learning concepts that are indeed capable of determining good results in learning. Maybe every new student will experience changes because the times are also growing.

    So, lecturers must always be up to date in applying their learning concepts to their students, so that in the future students will be able to become professional workers and be able to compete with workers from abroad. Moreover, currently there is an MEA, so many universities provide and prepare students to not lose in the MEA competition. Just like giving compulsory lectures in the form of courses on entrepreneurship, so students have been provided about how to set up a business and be able to compete in a healthy manner in the face of the MEA.

    To educate and advance the Indonesian nation, it cannot be separated from the efforts of teachers and lecturers in carrying out learning processes. If the teacher or lecturer teaches inappropriately, the output obtained from his students is also not as expected. However, this also does not come entirely from the role of the teacher or the role of the lecturer, including the environment of the students and it must also be taken into account whether the environment is indeed a good environment or not. Stream Ao Vivo Moral planting and character formation must have started since we were children, so that in the future it will be easier to form good character or morals for the progress of the Indonesian people. At present there are many universities in Indonesia and it is expected that from the many universities that are able to produce students with good and professional output and able to compete and advance the Indonesian nation globally.



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