If you are wondering whether you can do Classics at College then the answer is, yes. There are different options open to school-leavers interested in pursuing degrees in Classics.

You can study Latin and/or Ancient Greek as stand-alone subjects as part of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Trinity College, UCD, UCC, NUI Maynooth and NUI Galway.

You can also study the third level equivalent of Classical Studies in any of the above Irish universities where it is variously called Greek and Roman Civilisation, Ancient Civilisation or Classical Civilisation.

Unlike the Leaving Certificate however you may choose to do a degree in Classics proper. This means you would take Latin or Greek alongside a Civilisation course.

Read up on the various undergraduate courses offered by the universities by following the links below. If you are really interested you could try contacting the University Classics Societies and stop by to talk to University Classics students about their courses. You should also check out the Student Forum where you can chat about Classics with other likeminded students.

Parents interested in Classics

Mums and dads often become closet classicists as they watch their children’s enthusiasm for the subject grow. If you find yourself wondering, “Why couldn’t I have done this subject when I was in school?” then maybe you should consider doing a modular degree in one of the universities and joining the Classical Association of Ireland.