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How To Cut Quartz Countertop For Farmhouse Sink

How To Cut Quartz Countertop For Farmhouse Sink
How To Cut Quartz Countertop For Farmhouse Sink

How To Cut Quartz Countertop For Farmhouse Sink. At this point, the water lines should be free and can be removed from the supply lines. For extremely heavy and uneven cast iron and clay sinks, a rail system is necessary so the cabinet supports the weight not the counter top.

How To Cut Quartz Countertop For Farmhouse SinkHow To Cut Quartz Countertop For Farmhouse Sink
Ordering & Installing Quartz Countertops from Menards from stpaulhaus.com

First, measure all the sides with the retractable measuring tape and pen down all the measurements to make the cutting easy. Set your guide on where you want the sink to go and slowly. There are usually two valves inside the base cabinet under the sink:

Use A Degreaser To Remove The Grease.

Have a solid work surface, and an extra set of hands when you’re cutting quartz and any large pieces of stone. Go beneath the sink and disconnect the water lines by loosening the nuts. If you have a solid surface countertop, then all that’s left is to cut it down.

Kraus Bellucci 30In Ceramtek Granite.

Turn off your water to avoid any unexpected sprays, and then unscrew all the pipes and garbage disposal hookups from your old sink. After that, remove the sink from the countertop and measure the width of the rim. Scrape off any remaining caulking, and clean the countertop of all food debris and residue.

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Be Sure To Turn Your Water On And Check For Leaks Before Installing Your Quartz.

Measure twice, use rulers and squares to ensure that your cuts are exact, and be more assured that the quartz will be perfectly cut. Using regular blades may not be effective or result in a lousy job. “your assistant will help support the piece being cut so the weight of it doesn’t prematurely.

Use A Circular Saw And Set It At About 50 Degrees From Horizontal.

Clamp down the fence at this spot, with the fence touching the guard of the rotary cutter. Lift or slide the sink out of it alcove and set it upright on a pair of sawhorses with the drain assembly hanging between them. This should take care of the majority of the stain.

Stick Painter's Tape To The Top Edges Of The Cabinets For Protection.

Elkay recommends removing material 1/16 of an inch at a time until the top of the sink is flush with the top of the cabinet. The cutting can be accomplished, once measured, with a circular saw, a cement saw, or a tile saw. Just put the template over the countertop and trace.

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