How To Evacuate Car Ac System Without Pump

How To Evacuate Car Ac System Without Pump

How To Evacuate Car Ac System Without Pump

How To Evacuate Car Ac System Without Pump. With a vacuum pump connected to both, low and high ac sides pull a deep vacuum for at least 20 minutes. Rid the ac system of air and moisture.

How To Evacuate Car Ac System Without PumpHow To Evacuate Car Ac System Without Pump
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Hook up the vacuum pump. I'll be demonstrating on a bmw 435i f33, but this will work for any modern ve. The observation is to ensure that the two sides are on equal readings.

It Is Very Important That You Perform Both These Tasks Quickly As Extreme Pressures.

Now, if you’re fooling around under the hood and *accidently* open the filler valve, no one would likely know. This video is a collaboration with paul from the engineeri. When vacuum is achieved, close all valves and turn off the pump.

Bring Out The Manifold Gauges.

Hook up the vacuum pump. After depressing the access valve, charge the pressure of the lower side to about 14 psi. How to vacuum car ac system without pump step 1:

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After A System Has Been Opened For Any Repair, Service Or Installation Even For A Short Amount Of Time, The Best Way To Remove Ncgs Is To Pull A Deep Vacuum In The System.

If you do, you have not wasted 1/2 hour vacuuming down the system, just to tear apart to fix a leak. That white stuff leaving the pump is water vapor from the lines. Keenly observe the lower side pressure while doing.

Depress The Ac System’s Access Valves.

If you do not evacuate the system to remove air and moisture, you will reduce heat transfer capability through the refrigerant because air which is 78% nitrogen is not condensable in automobile systems. Connect the hoses to the recovery unit. Check to see if you have less than 1″ of vacuum in 10 minutes.

Here Are Some Steps To Show You Just How To Vacuum Your Ac Without A Pump.

It will be necessary to install access valves on both the high and low. If the vacuum gauge has changed reading, find and repair any leaks. We have several very useful items in the shop that derive their power from the guts of a venturi pump.

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