How To Expand A Closet Door Opening

How To Expand A Closet Door Opening

How To Expand A Closet Door Opening

How To Expand A Closet Door Opening. Cut off the ends of the shims that extend beyond the doorway with a saw. Cut 1×6 to thickness of wall.

How To Expand A Closet Door OpeningHow To Expand A Closet Door Opening
Open concept. Eliminate closet and expand open space within the bedroom from

Toe nail the tops of your jack studs to the header. Salvage the hidden space at the recessed ends of your closets by adding a set of wire shelves. Use a table saw to cut to the correct width.

Which Means You'll Either Have To Build Out The Corner, Or Lose 3 1/2 (+Drywall Thickness) In Closet Depth.

Set the header on top of the new trimmers and screw it. Cut an amount off of each cripple equal to the amount of the height increase of the doorway. For instance, if the opening is 38 inches wide and you want 48 inches, that's an increase of 10 inches.

To Build An Additional Closet In Your Home You Will Have To Start By Creating The Closet Door Frame.

The closet is very wide and only has one door to access the space, making it difficult to get to 3/4 of our clothes. Expanding the opening would not be a handyman job. Apply joint compound to the joints with a putty knife.

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Salvage The Hidden Space At The Recessed Ends Of Your Closets By Adding A Set Of Wire Shelves.

I show how widening a door opening is done and how it can help make your house better and more valuable a bigger door is a better doorthanks for visiting the. The question describes this as a cosmetic change rather than a necessity, and it's in an exterior wall. Toe nail the tops of your jack studs to the header.

Use A Table Saw To Cut To The Correct Width.

Then choose the correct shelving and ask the salesperson to cut the shelves to length for you. Get some 2×4 boards to create the closet door frame. This is the more likely of the two.

Though I Guess You're Not Really Losing Anything, From The Interior Dimensions Of The Original Closet.

To secure in place, use finish nails, keeping the wood square on the door frame. It will be a structural change and a serious expense to expand the opening. The first thing you will want to do is remove the door framing and remember where your trim used to go, as every doorway is a little different.

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